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Artist Statement

To own an original piece of artwork is a luxury and timeless... To own an original, one of one painting of your best friend in the world is an emotional experience that you can't put a price on. 

Dogs inspire my art. I want you to see my artwork of your dog and say, YES! That's my dog! That is exactly the way He/she looks at me and smile every time you see their portrait hanging on the wall.

Dogs, what gifts they give us. Unconditional love, a companion that will always stick with you through thick and thin. Who else is so happy to see you when you come home? Even if you are gone for only ten minutes! Dogs also sense when you are having a bad day or a rough time in your life. They are there to remind you that every thing will be alright, to make you smile, simply lie close to you or put their head in your lap. When you are happy, they are happy and ready for any adventure you have in mind. 

Dogs can also be our teachers. They teach us to live in the moment, not the past or the future. They teach us about loyalty, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion. They teach us to be a better person.

Dogs can bring people together. Mention your dog to another dog person and watch what happens... You may have nothing else in common with that person except that you both have dogs and what does the conversation turn to? Dogs, dogs, dogs. I personally could talk all day long with someone about dogs. Even someone I don't know. Dogs give us a common denominator, perhaps more then any other subject would. Now that someone and I are friends.

All the reasons above are why I paint dogs. Why I am inspired to paint dogs. All the reasons I LOVE dogs. That special human-dog bond which is so important to all of us that own a dog. 

Nothing makes me happier than to be able to give someone a painting of their dog that will be a constant reminder of how much we love our dogs. A timeless testament and tribute to another soul that brings us so much happiness. This is why I am here, I am lucky enough to have found my purpose for being.