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Capturing the Image of Our Dogs Meet Laura Rothstein - Animal Portraits  

A few weeks ago while I was doing a random Facebook scroll (I’m hooked on seeing everyone’s cute, funny and adorable animal pictures/videos), I spotted what I thought was a digitally softened photograph (pictured to the left) and my search took an entirely new direction.

The post said “…I love the stark white background for the portrait of Trik. Trik is so outstanding, that I did not paint a colored background…”

Cue the sound effect of a needle being dragged across a vinyl record. This picture was PAINTED!?!?

So I did what any normal admirer would do when they find an artist of talent…I stalked their Facebook page.

Folks, meet Laura Rothstein of The Painted K9 and be prepared to become a fan!

By the way, I did reach out and introduce myself to Laura and ask her permission to share her amazing artwork. Besides being a very talented artist, she’s a pretty amazing person as well. Here’s what I learned.

“I am a former veterinary technician and a manager of a 7 doctor veterinary hospital in NY. I have always painted or sketched. Digital art was a new and upcoming art form that I really wanted to try. I was fascinated by the concept of getting the same results as those used in traditional art, using a professional art program, a tablet and a stylus. When I tried it, I was in love!

All of my artwork is digitally hand painted, stroke by stroke and then printed on museum quality canvas.

What inspires me above all, is the human-dog bond. I almost always ask people to tell me the name of their dog and a little about their personalities. I want to feel them. The eyes are the most important to me. You know the soul of your dog best by his/her eyes. I should mention that I also paint cats, horses… I have even done a hedgehog for someone!

I also started doing Memorial portraits for people on FB that I saw had lost their pet for free, as a gift. I wanted to give them a lasting tribute to their pet. To me, a painted portrait is more meaningful than a photograph You can paint feelings. So far, according to my customers, I have been spot on in capturing the soul of their dog.

I have donated my work to raise money for shelters and fund raisers for both animals and people. I am working on a wolf project now to donate to The Sierra Club to raise money for the protection of wolves. They will copy an artist’s work and sell the prints. I was also asked and have done judge’s gifts for agility and specialty trials.”

Laura is from NY and now live in Pennsylvania with her wife, 2 Border Collies, a Pomeranian and 7 cats.

You can reach Laura through her Facebook Page The Painted K9 and her website www.thepaintedk9.com is currently in the works so check there soon.