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"I'm so in love with my Laura art! Looking at her beautiful paintings of my dogs is like eating ice cream through my eyes!" 

Connie T.

OMGEEE! I GOT MY TRUF PAINTING TODAY! Laura Rothstein...you are absolute AMAZING! I have never been very good at home decor when it comes to wall art! Someone said to me "well, what do you like" and I responded "well, I like my dogs"! WAHLAH!!! You turned my home into my own personal art gallery with paintings of the things I love most, MY PUPS! Much LOVE to YOU MY FRIEND!!!

Connie T

My suggestion to anyone that commissions a TRUE artist! Never put them in a box of requirements and you will NEVER be disappointed! If you love their work enough to commission them, let them do what they do best! Laura Rothstein gets a pittance for the time it takes to do her amazing artwork! She's amazing and she has blessed us with a GALLERY of our amazing creatures! Her artwork makes me smile every day and for that I am forever grateful!!!

Connie T

"I love her work and she captured Brewski so well!"

Janice DeMello

"Thank YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS, Laura Rothstein! She's so special and you captured all that and more! I agree with Marlene! No words, no emojis, just LOVE!!!"

Connie T

"Laura, you put into words what I felt in my heart and thought in my head! I took a picture and it captured a moment, but YOUR painting brought her to life! Through your painting, I can feel her presence and it comes from deep down! I always said to myself "I will see you soon my little Pootsie Wootsie" and you made that happen! This too may seem a bit mushy, but oh well! I feel what I feel! And BTW, I took a bit to respond when you sent me the proof, but every time I tried to write something the tears of every emotion known got in the way! I've never met you, but you will always be my friend!"

"You are truly amazing! I can't possibly than you enough! My princess warrior was the most amazing little dog I've ever known! She brought joy to everyone she met! You captured her perfectly and you brought her back to us with this portrait! Much LOVE to YOU!"

Connie T

This is a photograph taken by Larry Ross of his own dog Quinn, that I used as a reference for the painting.

"I just received my Laura Rothstein hand-painted portrait of Quinn. Words cannot express the absolute stunning Beauty of this. This is going over the fireplace, this is truly a masterpiece. I would encourage anyone to commission her for a work of your pet."

"In the world of digital, instant gratification with a smartphone. Understanding the complexities of each individual brushstroke done on a blank canvas using digital paints still just as complex as painting with acrylics. I am a photographer and I understand lighting, but I am not a digital painter. This is a level of complexity that hurts my head. When you're seeing this image being created one stroke at a time. There will be a point very soon that having a hand done painting from Laura, You will count yourself fortunate."

Larry Ross - Professional photographer, Lifestyle Photo and Video, Leander, TX 

"Thank you so much Laura - it's exactly what I hoped for and absolutely gorgeous ❤"

Bronwyn Van Dyk - South Africa

"It’s incredible and sooo beautiful! You are amazing Laura! Thank you for putting so much effort into every single piece you do! It shows how much you care!"

Trisha K

"You can enlarge the photo and see the awesome detail of the reflection in her eyes. Super job Laura!"

Janice DeMello, Breeder of Merit, Hob Nob Border Collies

"Laura I'm your biggest fan!! We have 4 of your paintings in our house. You capture the soul of the pets you paint. It's something in how you paint the eyes. The paintings come alive. You are truly talented."

Michelle S.

"Thank you so much to Laura Rothstein for the beautiful portraits of Wren and Lark. I already have 3 others done by Laura and they are so special to me."

Dawn H. Canada

"Thank you so much to Laura Rothstein for the beautiful portraits of Wren and Lark. I already have 3 others done by Laura and they are so special to me."

Dawn H. Canada

"Sooooo priceless!!! Just got our Zen portrait in it look sooo real that Kai didn't know what to do I wish I caught her face when I first hung it up ,she loves her brother soooo much, I let her smell it and touch it ,then she had to sit under it !!!! So in love with our family, Thanks again Laura Rothstein!!!"

"So Laura Rothstein messaged me this morning saying she was finished with Zen's portrait, how did I like it.....
I was like Holy s#*t, that is amazing and Beautiful, This is one of my favorite photos of our beautiful boy, normally very sweet and fluffy ,Moni and I both loved this one , with it being one of his favorite places to be!! I so see a whole other gorgeousness in this side of him, and totally Love the little extra Laura threw in on the painting in regards to Zen's name and personal!Thank you Laura, truly a treasure!!"

Deb E

"Laura from thepaintedk9 just finished this amazing portrait of our wonderful Prima and her incredible father Bezel. Once again Laura you have an amazing gift thank you so much!!"

Dan C.

Laura,Wow, wow,  wow. Are you kidding me?!?I knew the portrait was beautiful seeing it on my little phone, but seeing it with my own eyes...it is absolutely STUNNING. And not just because he is my dog, but because you captured a living being so perfectly it is hard to believe you aren't looking at a photo, or even literally looking at him. My co-workers were like WHAT??? Your talent is so incredible. Thank you SO much for sharing your gift with me. 


Hi Laura,We received our early Christmas gift of your beautiful painting. It is gorgeous!  Of course, the tears flow and a smile appears every time I look at it.  I’ve decided that it needs to go above our fireplace mantel so that Ralphie can greet everyone coming into our home.

Lisa E.

Laura, you are amazing in that you did bring my sweet Biggie back to life! I absolutely love his painting! My husband had taken Biggie's picture a week before we had to put him to sleep. Of all the photos we have of Biggie, I knew this was the one for you to do your magic!! Thank you so much and I will treasure it forever!!

Diane W.

Thank You so much Laura, this is really beautiful!! I love it. It really caught her. 

Vivian C.

An absolute treasure from you Laura! xo
Laura C.

"Oh my! I love it! You did a fantastic job! Thank you so much! ❤️ Can’t take my eyes off of it! Just gorgeous!

Cookie K.

I LOVE it....but I may be a tad bias!! Thank you!!! Love it!!  Eeeee!!! (-: 

Kelly D.

I just received my Laura Rothstein hand-painted portrait of Quinn. Words cannot express the absolute stunning Beauty of this. This is going over the fireplace this is truly a masterpiece. I would encourage anyone to commission her for a work of your pet.
Larry Ross, Professional Dog Photographer. Lifestyle Photo And Video

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We can never thank you enough for your amazing work and bringing our beautiful girl "Patty" to life!! You have captured that look in her eye to perfection!! We lost her way too young but will treasure your gift for many years to come!!! Thank you so very much Laura!!!

Suzanne S.

I imagine you get these types of notes after receiving your work. My reaction was unexpected. Buckets of tears have flowed because of how beautiful it is which brings a sense of relief and comfort. We can look at our girl all the time now. Tessa looks so real it makes me want to hold her all the more...if only I could...someday I will. Funny how one little girl still has a hold on me. She was the best and so are you. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough. 

With gratitude,

Nina W.

Hi Laura,


I received Caelan’s portrait late this afternoon via Ontrac.

It is just beautiful. I LOVE it! Really!


Thank you for capturing my sweet boy the way you did. The twinkle in his eye is there; his fur is glorious and the background is spot on.

I was surprised (pleasantly) at the larger sized canvas (18x24) as the last I knew it was going to be a 16x20 canvas, down from a 20x20 – so thank you for that upsizing, too!


I have it on my wall right now, and every time I look at it I see him looking back at me that very day I shot that photo. I get goosebumps and feel him near me again.


It must be difficult to deal with us fussy customers’ requests, but all the tweaking you did to get it just right was so worth it, and very much appreciated. You are truly an artist and have my total respect.


Thank you again.


~Elisabeth (and in spirit, Caelan Rain)


Amen to that, Larry Ross...my sentiments exactly! We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the portrait of Jake that Laura Rothstein created for us...ready for another! Can’t just have one!!!

Sandra T. G.